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It is compulsory for foreign nationals who wish to travel to Madagascar to apply online for their eVisa.

Visa eligibility

The important things you need to know before doing your application online

Foreigners travelling to Madagascar for a period less than 3 months are considered non-immigrants. Please note that a short-stay visa to Madagascar cannot be converted into a long-stay visa.

  • The online application entitles you to a landing authorization and does not exempt you from the Border Police.
  • Your Tourism Visa will be issued upon your arrival in Madagascar.
  • Please note that the issuance of a visa is subject to the submission of the requested documents and the payment of the above fees.
  • The short-stay visa is not convertible into a long-stay visa in Madagascar; Visa and service fees may not be refunded.
  • Visa and service fees may not be refunded.
Traveling to Madagascar
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